The Yes Men


The Yes Men have a very curious hobby: impersonate the spokespersons of large multinational corporations armed with only thrift store suits and a lot of nerve. Their surreal impostor career began in 1999 and they have represented, amongst others, the WTO, Dow Chemicals, McDonalds and Exxon giving a needy voice to the prohibited dreams and unconfessable truths of these transnational monsters.

To carry out these "identity corrections" Yes Men can count with the help of a wide network of accomplices (activists, artists, community organizers) and use all kinds of means possible, from false web pages to self-invitations to official conferences, as well as unauthorized editions of newspapers such as the New York Times and products such as the "Survivaballs" (hi-tech globes used by top executives to survive climatic catastrophes).

"You know how a funhouse mirror exaggerates your most hideous features? We do that kind of exaggeration operation, but with ideas. We agree with people turning up the volume on their ideas as we talk, until they can see their ideas distorted in our funhouse mirror. Or that's what we try to do, anyhow but as it turns out, the image always seems to look normal to them".

At The Influencers 2010 we will see their latest irresistible documentary: "The Yes Men Fix the World".