The Influencers 2009

Art, communication guerrilla, radical entertainment

February 5 - 6 - 7, 2009
Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

With de participation of BLUImprov Everywhere, Julius Von Bismarck, Survival Research Labs, Swoon, Wolfgang StähleWu Ming, Ztohoven


Tecnological and post-digital

Welcome to the fifth chapter of the Influencers project, a festival dedicated to exploring unconventional weapons of mass communication. Over the past few years Influencers has been defined as a gallery of unclassifiable projects, an investigation on guerrilla communication, a demonstration of present-day science fiction and even a talk show that can't be seen on TV, but in the end, Influencers is simply a laboratory of ideas, a think-tank which for three intense days tries to interweave tales of subversion, manipulation and the transformation of live elements from contemporary culture.
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