Voina Wanted

«Symbolizing all the persecuted crimeless dissidents in the world, the portrait of artist Oleg Vorotnikov in the courtroom should be placed on the walls of the most unexpected places, preferably touristic sites, monuments, ministries as close to the name of the ministry as possible… the more provocative the better until you get the Prime Minister’s back». VOINA’s media artist Alexei Plutser-Sarno.

Voina members and other troublemakers around the world unrolled huge portraits in places as far away as Fukushima (Japan), Rome and several villages in Italy, Brooklyn and California, Prague and many others.

Once in Barcelona, Voina made a first reconnaissance trip in Barcelona with the help of The Influencers team. We hit the seaside and other locations were you can easily meet people hanging around, both local and tourists. After that, Voina got in touch with people in town and helped to realize different street actions, while unrolling the huge Oleg's portrait whenever they could in places as busy and symbolic as the Sacred Family cathedral, where a photo opportunity was set off for dozens of unaware tourists. Still, Voina felt they were followed and after a few days we realized that it was not just paranoia. The Department of Internal Affairs tried to get information about them and then one day they were illegally detained by the police for an hour, and finally let go with no charges, but the portrait was taken away (with no fine and no documentation whatsoever).


The Voina Wanted campaign is documented at: http://plucer.livejournal.com/tag/%22voina%20-%20wanted