Jaromil is a purpose-driven software craftsman and well known ethical hacker.

Author of what has been dubbed as “the most elegant forkbomb ever written” (which you can find below and on his website), he is also an expert in the politics of technology, especially regarding the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Cyber Security. In the last couple of decades planetary-scale computation precipitated the ongoing transformation of existing jurisdictions and disciplinary realms, a trend that is both depicted and tackled by the notion of algorithmic sovereignty. Jaromil’s work is currently devoted to approaching such transformations with practical and strategic solutions in order to develop advanced digital commons and strengthen democracy against new aggressive forms of privatization, exploitation and centralized control.

As founder of Dyne.org and active member of the international Decode project, Jaromil has a long background in developing and disseminating digital tools for freedom of expression, participatory democracy and privacy. His creations, inspired by the ethics of free software, are used worldwide by public and private organizations.

In collaboration with Decode and tecnopolitica.net.

Jaromil - The Influencers 2019 Barcelona