Machine learning for activists

A 2-days workshop by Gene Kogan
October 19-20

Over the last few years, machine learning technologies have trickled out of research labs and into our daily lives. They are widely used in internet and social media applications like content filtering and recommendation, investment and finance, scientific research, and increasingly in unexpected places, such as law enforcement via so-called predictive policing. Many jobs done by humans are increasingly being automated as well; as these machines continue to claim more responsibilities from us, their influence on our lives will continue to grow indefinitely, pushing us to investigate and educate ourselves about how they work, so we can make informed decisions about how to integrate them into society.

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The Internet, deconstructed

A 2-days workshop by Joana Moll
October 21-22

Far from being an immaterial agent, the Internet is an extremely complex structure composed by a massive number of actors that have a straight and deep impact in every aspect of our daily lives. Despite its main role in the configuration of our society, the material and immaterial architectures that build and operate the Internet are widely ignored by most of its users.

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Special feature

The Biononymous Guide

A crash course in DNA extraction and replacement by Heather Dewey-Hagborg

October 22, 5pm at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (Hall)