The Influencers

Barcelona, October 20-22
Hosted by the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

Unconventional Art
Guerrilla communication
Radical Entretainment

Project presentations, lectures, workshops, screenings, new formats
The Influencers is a 3 days-long adventure in the turbulent waters where the transformation of contemporary public sphere, unusual art tactics and rebel hacktivism meet (or clash).
With the participation of

SIMON DENNY - Joey Skaggs
Joana Moll - Gene Kogan

The Influencers 2016


Poor images, automatic filters, and the incessant production of data brought about a completely new scenario. New aesthetics are born (and die) every minute while people’s imagination constantly opens up new paths, often blending reality with fiction, sincerity with self-propaganda.
It is a monstrous, inexhaustible creative machine where collaboration, no matter how voluntary or self-aware, is more important than originality.
The result is uncertain: is it a colossal, planetary-wide waste of time? Or is it the outbreak of a new, still fragile and always amorphous, popular culture for the 21st century?


Below a thick stack of apps and happy (or bored) users, the networked society operates as a large infrastructure that captures every click, every gesture, every trace of identities. What we still call the network is in fact a huge planetary machine, opaquely used by governments and a few corporations to control people's behavior and, most scary of all, to predict and anticipate it.
At the periphery of this huge, mysterious, always slippery, and constantly changing patchwork of forces, we find the post-studio artist as well as the political dissident, the unruly technologist or the unconventional poet. This passionate tangle of people sets out to suggest alternative and always ephemeral ways of disseminating information and countering new kinds of automatic control over bodies and collective fantasies.
The only thing we know for sure is that no existing map can be fully trusted.


Lectures, presentations & screenings

October 20th to 22nd, from 5pm to 9.30 pm
at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
Free admission


October 19th through the 22nd
at Hangar, Sala Conservas & Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

The full program and instructions about the workshops
will be published here on September 23


Coproduced by
Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
In collaboration with
School of Machines, Makers & Make-Believe (Berlin)
Creative Capital (New York)
Sponsored by
Culture Department - Catalonia Regional Council
Institut de Cultura - Barcelona City Council



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